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to spread awareness of the history of Northeast Philly!

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The King's Highway Foundation, 4316 Sheffield Ave., Phila. PA. 19136

Historical Societiesalso need your support with meeting attendance and awareness.

Historical Societies work hard to keep this area in tact both in preservation and awareness. Get involved by attending meetings and volunteering your time to help them keep things together.

Civic Associationsare here to help your community thrive.

Civic Associations need the support of residents in their communities in order to keep your neighborhood vibrant. Get involved with your civic association by volunteering your time to help with anything they need.

Volunteeranywhere you can in your community

Help is needed all over Northeast Philadelphia. So if you aren't sure where to start, just go to your local civic association meeting. They are held monthly in your neighborhood. At the meeting, ask how you can help with the preservation of historic buildings and districts.